Tuesday, June 8, 2010

[Info] ‘Shock Of The New Era’ Asian version hits gold within 24hrs + BEAST’s events in Singapore

BEAST takes Singapore by STORM.. when they aren’t even there YET!

The rapid and avid response from the BEAST Singapore fans, surfaced the minute we started voting poll ‘WE WANT BEAST IN SINGAPORE’ on Facebook with a 3000-strong following that grew in ONE week!

The enthusiasm and anticipation of the fans grew and followed when the announcement of their confirmed promotions trip in Singapore. With 10,000 hits a week on the Universal Music Singapore Regional fan page, fans were anxious in wanting to know when and how they can see their 6 mystery boys. Bouts of confusion and frenzy by the fans arose minutes after we posted event and ticket distribution details on the Universal Music Regional Facebook fan page. Within an hour there were tons of comments and queries posted.

For your reference: http://www.facebook.com/UMSGRegional

The initial arrangement was to shelve the stores with the CD + Ticket Bundles in HMV and CD Rama outlets, on the 5th June, but ONE day prior to that, yesterday, all the copies have already been SOLD OUT!

As of NOW, all the CD + Ticket Bundles throughout the island are no longer available. Within 24hours, copies of the CD + SHOWCASE / AUTOGRAPH Ticket Bundles were snapped up!

1000 limited CD + SHOWCASE Ticket Bundles were available for pre-order, yesterday from 3pm at ALL HMV outlets, namely 313@somerset and Citylink.

In 2 hours, almost 600 over copies were already SOLD and upon closing of the two stores, only less than 100 copies were left. Updates were posted on the HMV Singapore Facebook fan page that all copies at the Citylink outlet were SOLD OUT! Upon the opening this morning, 400-500 fans made a beeline for the 313@Somerset store, which caused security within the building much inconvenience. Many left disappointed.

CD + AUTOGRAPH Ticket Bundles sold exclusively at CD Rama stores throughout the island were snapped up in 2 hours. The phones in the outlets and the main office were ringing off the hook and CD Rama outlets unknowingly sold close to 3000 copies since the opening of the stores this morning at 9.30am. By 11.30am, everything was gone and no orders could be entertained. Many overseas fans were also eager to find ways and means to purchase the albums online, but before CD Rama could post the sale details, copies were no longer available.

It hasn’t even been a year since BEAST’s debut and the fan numbers and their popularity has escalated tremendously! The response of the fans and their support proves that the members of BEAST are more than just pretty faces, but are worth a whole lot more!!

Event Details as follows:

Beast [Shock of the New Era] Press Conference

  • Date: 24th June 2010, Thursday
  • Time: 11am
  • Venue: The Mandarin Oriental (Next to the Ritz Carlton)
  • (We would have a photo-call after the press conference, it’s advised that photographers are present, as we have insufficient pictures for release)
  • Please RSVP your attendance.

Beast [Shock of the New Era] Music Showcase

  • Date: 24th June 2010, Thursday
  • Time: 7.30pm (Doors open at 6pm)
  • Venue: Mediacorp TV Theatre

Beast [Shock of the New Era] Autograph Session

  • Date:25th June 2010, Friday
  • Time: 7pm (Doors open at 5pm)
  • Venue: IMM Shopping Mall, Garden Plaza Level 3
credit : sookyeong@kbites+as labeled

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