Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lee Jung-jin cast as Rain’s rival in Runaway

Rain now has his rival for the upcoming spy-melodrama Runaway, and it’s 32-year-old Lee Jung-jin (of I Love You Don’t Cry and Bottom of the 9th Inning with 2 Outs).

Also, we finally get more on the story of Runaway, which centers around an “astronomical sum of money that disappeared with the outbreak of the Korean War, which resurfaces sixty years later in 2010.” What follows is “a lively chase” that takes the characters through various Asian cities.

The two characters played by Rain and Lee Na-young, Ji-woo and Jin-yi, are involved in this case but acting independently of each other. (She approaches him to use him, but the romance that develops between the two is an unexpected development.) Lee Jung-jin plays the chief of investigation who finds the case suspicious and pursues Ji-woo, leading to close confrontations between the two.

Lee Jung-jin said, “I’m definitely blessed to be participating in such well-made projects like my recent movie The Fixer and the drama Runaway. Viewers will have big expectations, and I want to leave them with a strong impression.”

Runaway just began filming this week and will air later this year.

credit : javabeans

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