Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baker King’s official posters and preview video

Posters are out for Baker King Kim Tak-gu, the drama replacing Cinderella’s Sister this week. The one above features the four main leads: (from left to right) Eugene, Yoon Shi-yoon, Joo-won, and Lee Young-ah.

Press releases have tossed around comparisons to My Name Is Kim Sam-soon, but I wouldn’t expect much similarity, as those remarks are primarily due to both featuring patissiers as lead characters. I’m not quite sure what to make of the preview; it’s difficult to get a grasp of the tone from it. It has an offbeat retro vibe, which could be fresh and interesting or just plain awkward. But the drama seems to have an interesting stylistic flair, and is more visually appealing than its previous posters and stills portrayed.

I feel like KBS has been pretty lax about promoting this drama; there has been a bit of news here and there, but not much to drum up much hype in the weeks leading up to the show. (Compared to, for instance, the mountains of press and promotional information that announced Cinderella’s Sister. Granted, Baker King has a much less famous cast, but the leads are hardly nonentities.)

Baker King pits two young men in a familiar rivalry: humble hero Tak-gu (Yoon) displays a natural talent for pastry-making, while his rich rival (Joo-won) has no such interest but pursues this path because he longs for his father’s approval. Eugene plays a university student, while Lee Young-ah has taken on a drastic transformation by cutting off her long hair to play Tak-gu’s pastry-making buddy.

Baker King Kim Tak-gu will air Episodes 1 and 2 this Wednesday and Thursday.

credit : javabeans

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