Thursday, June 10, 2010

Han Eun-jung in Tale of the Fox’s Child

Here’s our first look at leading lady Han Eun-jung in character for KBS’s upcoming Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child, the period thriller series in which she plays a mythical shape-shifting fox.

Han expressed her excitement for the role, saying, “It’s a real honor to be playing such a good character, and I’ll work hard to show you a much better version of the gumiho than has been seen in previous dramas.” The gumiho is a classic character/creature out of Korean folklore and has therefore been often explored onscreen; previous actresses who have played gumiho characters include Go So-young, Song Yoon-ah, Kim Ji-young, and Park Sang-ah. The challenge for the drama, then, will be in bringing something new and/or interesting to the genre.

Han plays the gumiho mother to a half-human girl, who leaves her abusive husband after he breaks a promise and causes her to be unable to turn into a human. The series is described as a suspenseful melodrama that unfolds around her revenge. Her daughter will be played by familiar child actress Kim Yoo-jung (Dong Yi), while Seo Shin-ae (High Kick Through the Roof) will play a human girl of the same age. (See this post for more details about cast and plot.)

Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child will be a Monday-Tuesday drama that kicks off next month, following My Country Calls.

credit : javabeans

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