Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stephen Colbert, “Rain only won the ‘Biggest Badass Award’ because his movie title has ‘ass’ appear twice”

American comedian Stephen Colbert tells what he think is the reason why Rain won the ‘Biggest Badass Star’ at the recent 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

Colbert had talked about it on his show ‘The Colbert Report’ recently on 14th June, “Last week, MTV gave out their annual movie award. But I didn’t even get a nomination. Hey MTV, what about my voiceover work in the ‘Bounty Hunter’. But what MTV did next shocked me more was Ra~~in. Yes Rain, my Kpop arch nemesis. A man who takes true pleasure in beating me at things. And now he wins for ‘Ninja Assassin’? Clearly he only won the ‘Biggest Badass Award’ because his movie title has the word ‘ass’ appear twice. And was bad.”

He added, “Rain won me with ‘Ninja Assassin? The action scenes were impressive. But you know who didn’t appeared in that movie? That’s me. Who’s the better ninja now.”

Back in 2008, Colbert did a comical satire on Rain after Rain was ranked above him on Time’s most influential top 100 people, including a funny parody of Rain’s hit song ‘How to Avoid The Sun’.

It seems he is back at that again after 2 years. And meanwhile, a report was released on American famous site Entertainment Weekly on 15th June titled ‘Stephen Colbert did Scream Raaaaaaaaiiiin Again‘ which garnered much interests from netizens.

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Watch the clip with Colbert talking Rain’s MMA award here:—-tonys—mtv-movie-awards


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