Friday, June 11, 2010

Park Ye-jin and Danny Ahn team up in suspense thriller

Park Ye-jin is starring in a new thriller movie, Head [헤드], playing a reporter who becomes entangled in an organ trafficking case. Singer-turned-actor Danny Ahn has been cast as her co-star as her ex-boyfriend and senior reporter.

Park’s recent roles include sageuk series Queen Seon-deok and Again My Love, but it’s probably her stint on variety show Family Outing that earned her the most fan love. Meanwhile, after getting his start in the pop group G.O.D., Danny Ahn transitioned into acting and has performed in several stage plays. This will be his first movie in two years (since 2008’s Crazy For Wait), although he did recently have a supporting role in the drama Chuno.

(Despite this pairing, early reports called this film a “one-top” project, meaning that Park would carry the film as the main lead. It’s rare enough for an actress to get to carry a film, particularly in the male-dominated thriller genre, that this is apparently considered noteworthy.) Also starring are Baek Yoon-shik (Jeon Woo Chi), Ryu Deok-hwan (Private Eye, and Oh Dal-soo (Bang Ja Chronicle).

Head will begin filming in mid-June.

credit :javabenas

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