Thursday, June 17, 2010

Park ShinHye’s recent chubby features garner interests, “She looks like Yoon EunHye”

Talent Park ShinHye’s chubby features revealed through her recent photos garnered great interests.

On a portal site recently, there was a post by a netizen titled ‘I see Yoon EunHye in Park ShinHye’. Several photos of Park ShinHye seen at a recent event were revealed. Park ShinHye is known for her cute image in various CF and drama appearances, but what had caught the attention of many netizens was that she had seem chubbier than before in the photos released.

Netizen commented, “She is even pretty being chubbier”, “She is pretty even she don’t lose weigt”, “She looks like Yoon EunHye” etc.

More photos under the cut.

credit : sookyeong@kbites+as labeled

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