Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seo InYoung in sexy black mini for recent D.Lux Society launching event

Seo InYoung was recently spotted at the launching event for D.Lux Society in Seoul ShinSaDong Coffee Smith.

And photos of her at the event have been garnering interests from netizens over portal community sites online. After losing 6kg for her solo singer comeback, she was seen showing off her slender build in a black mini outfit.

Go under the cut for more photos.

Netizens’ comments:

  • “Pretty”
  • “She sings well and is pretty.. I really like her”
  • “Did she really lose weight? She looks the same as before… No, she looks skinnier before”
  • “It seems that she lost some boobs when she lost weight… But still she is cool because of her great fashion”
  • “I always wanted to wear mini dresses like these. She looks good in it”
  • “I miss her old days.. I like woman with a little volume in their bodies, but I know girls just like to be skinny’
credit :sookyeong@kbites+as labeled

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