Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kim Jung-eun takes over I Am Legend

Kim Jung-eun is taking the role vacated by Kim Sun-ah as the lead character in the ajumma-turned-rocker drama, I Am Legend.

While I was more excited about the prospect of Kim Sun-ah heading this drama, I do like Kim Jung-eun as an actress and think she’d do quite nicely with her knack for comic timing. She has also performed multiple times while hosting her music-talk show Kim Jung-eun’s Chocolate, which is where the above photo comes from. I can’t think of too many actresses in their thirties who can portray trophy wife, ajumma, and lead singer of a band all in the same drama, but I have hope that Kim Jung-eun will be able to pull it off.

Kim’s last television role was in MBC’s General Hospital 2, a year and a half ago, and she has been hosting Chocolate since then. In fact, I Am Legend’s director Kim Hyung-shik (Surgeon Bong Dal-hee) sought out Kim because of the live music program, and as she has always had a strong interest in music, Kim accepted the offer. In addition, music director Lee Jae-hak has come onboard; he worked on the hit sports film Take Off and the music-world-based 200 Pound Beauty.

The story centers around Jeon-seol (which means “Legend”), who was the lead singer of a band in her high school days and ruled her neighborhood as the coolest of the cool. As an adult, she marries into an upper-crust family who treats her poorly, and she ends up divorcing. She decides to get her groove back by forming a new group, which becomes an “ajumma band” of women who use music to heal themselves and deal with their own personal issues. The three other band members who had been cast back when Kim Sun-ah was headlining are still with the project — drummer Jang Shin-young (Winter Bird), bassist Hong Ji-min (a musical actress who was in Style), and guitarist Juni (former singer of rock band BellaMafia and hacker in IRIS).

I Am Legend will air on SBS after Coffee House ends, premiering in August.

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