Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Filming begins on My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho

On June 18 at Ilsan’s SBS production center, script rehearsals began on the upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho. The reading was attended by the two stars, Lee Seung-gi and Shin Mina, as well as its new additions, comic relief Sung Dong-il and love rival Hyo-min. Writers Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran (better known collectively as the “Hong sisters”) were also present.

The lead actors have cleared their schedules from now until the drama’s airing later this summer. On June 21, Lee Seung-gi Twittered after wrapping the first day of filming. He also uploaded a few photos taken on set. (His Twitter account,, is named after his Gumiho character, Cha Dae-woong.)

Lee’s first Twitter entry was accompanied by the following photo (the script for Episode 1, marked with his character’s name) and reads:

“First opening! This is the Twitter for Cha. Dae. Woong. ^^ Here, you’ll meet the family of ‘My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho’! Doesn’t matter what your nationality is, everyone’s okay! ^^ Thanks and nice to meet you! Yoroshiku ne. Good luck ^^*”

He posted another photo on the 21st, with the message:

“I went through some effort buying meat for our Mi-ho-sshi in this morning’s first scene… ke. Whenever Mi-ho-sshi cooks the meat, piece by piece, I act thinking I might become that meat…;; I’ll have to ride this in the future, Dae-woong’s motorcycle… I rode it for practice,,, it was totally scary… ke. Gotta be careful ^^”

And he followed that with his latest tweet:

“Today’s filming is over! We finished safely without any accidents~ ^^ I’ll stop here for today, sweet dreams everyone!”

My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho tells the story of a mythical gumiho (a shape-shifter that looks like a fox with nine tails, which can assume human form) who has awoken from 500 years of sleep and is released when a seal is broken. The human played by Lee Seung-gi falls for her but is also afraid of her gumiho powers (because the gumiho traditionally eats human organs), even as everyone around him thinks he’s lucky to have won over such a beautiful girlfriend. The drama airs in August after Bad Guy.


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