Friday, June 11, 2010

Rain confesses, “I have let go of MBLAQ”

Rain talks about idol group MBLAQ whom he had personally groomed for singer debut.

Rain was on MBC Golden Fishery aired on 9th June when he talks about why he no longer interferes with what idol group MBLAQ do.

He said, “For an idol group, I expected them to be charismatic. I tried to restrain them, but seeing them on variety shows, they are just so funny. So in such a case, I thought they still will receive love from the masses anyway, so I just let them off.”

Rain also talked about his mentor Park JinYoung on the show, “He is really tight. He was a hysteria. Jinyoungie hyung had been strict with me, like commanding ‘Don’t be funny with me’.”

Rain added, “He also told me not to get out of the car. In this way, I can be seen with the charismatic mysterious concept. There are times when I groom MBLAQ, I wasn’t like what I think. And during these times, I thought to myself ‘What a wonderful student I am’.”

credit : sookyeong@ kbites+ as labeled

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