Friday, August 20, 2010

SS501 to take the 3D plunge with recreated Love Ya MV

3D has definitely become the ‘it’ thing to pursue in the modern millennium, and it looks like SS501 will be following James Cameron and BoA’s footsteps with a multi-dimensional musical revamp of their own.

The pop quintet will be dusting off their May album Destination with a second release of the music video for Love Ya in 3D to make up for the disappointingly short group activities after the release of the album.

For the record, Missy Elliott released the world’s first 3D music video back in 2008 and Michael Jackson had wrapped up a 3D video project just weeks before his death. And with recent technology for 3D images without glasses being announced, artists like BoA, Usher, Shakira, Björk and more are helping the trend gain momentum.

This new music video will give viewers the feeling that SS501 is really standing in front of their eyes, reports promise. With their appealing choreography and expression combined with the new cinematic experience, SS501 will reveal a different kind of charisma.

JOY3D, who is behind the production of this music video, has stated, “The 3D technology, which was previously limited to movies and commercial film, is now even influencing the music industry. … The rebirth of music videos in 3D will have a great influence in future trends.

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