Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fake Ga-In appears on Star King

Earlier today on Star King, a fake Ga-in was a featured performer as the real Ga-in was in attendance as a special celebrity guest. This fake Ga-in came in with some attitude and wowed everyone in the audience, including Ga-in.

Ga-in was quick to compliment fake Ga-in saying that when fake Ga-in performs Abracadabra, she performs it even better than herself. She even said the fake Ga-in had the same trademark eyes as her, although she was quick to retort that her nose and mouth was better in a joking matter.

MC Kang Ho Dong then gave a challenge to the celebrity guests, presenting a chart with 6 photos and asking to pick the real Ga-in from the photo lineup. The celebrity guests then started comparing each other to other celebrities that look similar to themselves.

Thanks to adeline for the tip and check out the segment below:

credit : ghostwriter@allkpop+as labeled

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