Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Se7en likes Taeyang’s chocolate abs

This week’s Music Core had a bit of male bondage going on between YG Family members, Taeyang and Se7en.

During a rehearsal of Taeyang’s single “I’ll Be There,” Se7en disguised himself as a back dancer, grabbed Taeyang’s leg during the performance and lifted up his shirt, presenting fans with only a view of his muscular back, but giving Se7en a nice shot of Taeyang’s buff body.

Just another example of how K-pop idols give their fans the best fanservice. Both artists are currently promoting and during Se7en’s live performance of “Digital Bounce,” he gave a quick shout out to Taeyang at the beginning of his song.

credit : lilchoiboy18@allkpop_as labeled

Check out a fancam of the shirt lifting below:

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