Friday, August 20, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong picked as the favorite avatar to control

Through August 12th-18th, music portal site Monkey3 held a poll asking, “Who would you pick as your avatar to control?

If you guys don’t know, the term ‘avatar’ refers to MBC’s popular variety show Hot Brothers. In the show, people who are the ‘avatars’ are the people who are controlled by other people to go on a date in place of them. The controller of the avatar then commands them what to do throughout the whole entire date.

The winner of Monkey3’s poll was none other than Kim Hyun Joong who had 47% of the votes (395 votes out of the total 836).

The second place went to Big Bang’s Seungri (16%) and the third place went to actor So Ji Sub (13%).

Following the top three were Lee Minho, Se7en and DJ DOC’s Lee Ha Neul.

Netizens who chose Kim Hyun Joong commented things such as, “Instead of controlling him, I want to date him, ” “I think Kim Hyun Joong wouldn’t obey the commands” and “I wish he can really make an appearance in the show.

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