Thursday, August 19, 2010

Se7en talks about his ‘rivalry’ with Rain

During the first segment titled Knee-Drop Guru on the August 18th episode of MBC Golden Fishery, singer Se7en made an appearance as the main guest.

During the show, Se7en revealed his competitiveness with world star Rain. He began, “When I was in America, I enjoyed watching Knee-Drop Guru. My favorite episode was the one where Rain made an appearance.

He then continued, “I was close to making my American debut at the time of the airing of that particular broadcast featuring Rain. Back then, I thought to myself, ‘Just you wait. I will hit success in America as well.’ … When I returned to Korea, I expected a lot of fans and reporters to await me at the airport. But when I returned, the only person waiting for me was my manager.

Unfortunately, his American debut wasn’t quite the success he had hoped for, but he’s doing fine back home now. I wish him the best of luck next time he steps into America!

credit : maestro-J@allkpop+as labeled

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