Friday, August 13, 2010

Han Chae-young signs with Hollywood agency CAA

Han Chae-young has signed with Creative Artists Agency, or CAA, one of the Big 3 agencies in Hollywood, marking her intent to expand her career to the U.S. market. This comes not long after taking official steps in the Chinese market as well, where she enjoys residual popularity for dramas like Delightful Girl Chun-hyang and Autumn Love Story. More recently, she starred with Song Il-kook in the action drama A Man Called God.

Han lived in the States for a time and speaks English, albeit heavily accented. Although her pronunciation and grammar are flawed, based on interview snippets at least she seems able to carry on a conversation in English, which is to her benefit. Not to mention that she’s seriously gorgeous, which never hurts.

Han is not a particularly strong actress, but she’s not hopeless; of all her roles I think her best performance was in Delightful Girl Chun-hyang, where she came off natural and unaffected. She has explained that the character’s personality wasn’t too different from her real one, which is probably why. I’d put her in the same category as Park Shi-yeon of actresses who got unfortunately typecast as sexy and glamorous because of their looks (as Han was for Boys Before Flowers and Girlfriends), when they’re really better at playing down-to-earth characters (A Man Called God).

In any case, best of luck to her. Hollywood is a beast; hope she fares well. On the upside, she is managed by BH Entertainment, which is the company headed by Lee Byung-heon. Of all the Hallyu-to-Hollywood attempted crossovers, Lee’s has probably been the most successful with G.I. Joe.

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