Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lee Junki gets 50 stitches on his forehead

It’s been reported that actor/soldier Lee Junki has been heavily injured on his forehead during a rehearsal for his musical Voyage of Life, and has been treated with fifty stitches.

Before their premiere on the 21st, the group of actors were having their final full rehearsal on stage. During the rehearsal, Lee Junki unexpectedly hit his head against a metal frame used to build the large ship. The injury was inevitable, since the accident happened when the stage went dark as a transition for the very next scene.

Immediately after the accident, the actor was transferred to the nearest ER, and was given a thorough scan to see if any complications from the injury had occurred. Thankfully, nothing else serious was diagnosed but his forehead, had to undergo a 2-hour-long surgery in order to stitch up the opening.

Although the doctor and the musical staff tried to persuade Lee Junki to take a long rest instead of appearing on stage that night, the actor believed backing out at the last minute of the show would cause a great deal of damage to the production.

With paramedics on hold in case the stitching opens up, Lee Junki decided to step onto the stage regardless. According to reports, almost all seats were filled.

We wish Lee Junki a fast recovery.

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