Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hero - Lee Jun Ki New Drama

Title: Hero
Previously known as: Unseen Warfare / Strange Heroes
Genre: Comedy
Producer: Lee Jae Dong
Director: Kim Kyung Hee, Lee Dong Yoon
Screenwriter: Park Ji Suk
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: MBC , Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55
Broadcast period: 2009-Nov-18

Hero is the story of Korea’s top reporters and ordinary citizens fighting against the society elite’s abuse of power.

Jin Do Hyuk is a clever and talented reporter who works to a publisher named Monday Seoul, who goes all-out in pursuit of news, by spying, following, wiretapping, disguising, and general skulking around.

He ends up living a life of recklessness and despair when the woman he loved dies. He later decides to start a new life by helping other victims of society’s crimes, becoming a modern hero who battles against the non-ethical.

Character Description

hero-cast-1Jin Do Hyuk, a newspaper reporter who is full of ambition , fun , optimistic and energetic person who transforms into a reporter with a strong sense of justice and speaks up for the lower middle class society.
He wants to become a reporter after his father but he comes from a family which struggles from the rigors of life and he was not able to study of his own will due to his immature sister who only worsens the situation. He barely gets into a third-rate newspaper but runs into a wall when the paper decides to cease publication.

hero-cast-7 Joo Jae In, leader of a police department’s homicide team, a detective who graduated police academy with first honors, who always plays by the book.
At work, she is alike her father who passed away while on duty but in normal life, she is alike her mother who is feminine and elegant yet a little immature.

hero-cast-3Kang Hae Sung, an elite reporter who dreams of becoming successful, a cold-hearted person who is full of ambition and will use any means possible to achieve his goal.

He has been Do Hyuk’s rival eversince their highschool days, he knows what he needs to climb the society leader and is willing to make use of anything and anyone to get a step higher.

hero-cast-4Cho Yong Duk, former boss of a gang who prepares for revenge for the first time in 15 years.
Cho comes out to society after serving 15 years in a prison cell. He has no followers except for Sang-chul. His wife has remarried with someone else and his daughter, who has become a college student, turns her back on him.

hero-cast-5Lee Ho Kyung is newspaper agency ( Dae-sae Ilbo) chairman’s daughter.

She is Kang Hae Sung’s fiancee.

She was Jin Do Hyuk’s high school classmate and first love.


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