Sunday, December 13, 2009

Idol Drama Alert!

Silly, I mean Kdrama, of course. (The world of KPOPland has no real idol drama at the moment…that I know of! ^_^)

jiyeon_yoo seung ho_12122009_seoulbeats

The ‘face’ of idol girlgroup T-ara, Jiyeon, will be starring alongside the ever so cute (and becoming more and more handsome) Yoo Seung Ho, in the KBS2 drama “God of Study“-a remake of popular manga and drama, “Dragon Zakura”. Of course, it won’t be the first time these two young actors are working together-Yoo Seung Ho starred as the object of T-ara’s affections in their music video for “Lies”. Although F.T. Island’s Hongki was rumored to have been cast in the drama earlier this year, due to some production setbakcs it looks like that is not the case; and we can’t have too many idol divas on one set, can we? And after his wonderful turn as Jeremy in “You Are Beautiful”, Hongki has said he will be going back to music for the time being and hanging up his actor hat.

The drama will, however, be starring the hilarious Kim Su Ro (Family Outing and various movies) as teacher Kang Suk Ho, a poor lawyer and reformed gang member, who is determined to get a group of rebellious misfit students from one of the worst high schools in Korea into a top university along with another teacher played by Bae Doona. These misfits of course will be played by Jiyeon and Yoo Seung Ho, and their band of bad kids will also include two other veteran young actors- Go Ah Sung (The Host) and Lee Hyun Woo (Queen Seon Duk).

god of study_12122009_seoulbeats

The drama series premieres January 4th and has already gained a fangirl following. As this is a remake of another popular Japanese high school manga and drama (starring two of Japan’s most popular actors-Abe Hiroshi and Yamashita Tomohisa), many are already referring to this project as “Boys Over Flowers 2″. I wonder if the hype will build to BOF proportions…and if so, am sheltering myself in preparation… and waiting with heightened anticipation, of course. Can’t wait for class to start!
“God of Study” trailer:

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