Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lee Minho wants to be in IRIS 2… and a girlfriend?

Lee Minho wants to be in IRIS 2?

Kwon Sang Woo isn't the only one who is interested in IRIS Season 2. Recently, Boys Over Flowers star Lee Minho stated that he wanted to participate in IRIS 2 as well. The confession took place during a Q&A session at his fan meeting on December 15th at the Westin Hotel in Taiwan.

Lee Minho stated that he's currently mulling over a couple projects and that he wanted a more mainly-type role, such as that of a character in IRIS. He also stated that he would love to learn as apprentice under Lee Byung Hun, however there's a good chance that Lee Byung Hun won't even be in IRIS 2.

Lee Minho also was asked what his Christmas wish was and he said he wishes for a Girlfriend because he doesn't want to be alone for Christmas. He stated his ideal type of woman is Song Hye Gyo.

Lee Minho said 2009 was the best year of his life, mainly because he became a superstar through Boys Over Flowers. He said 2009 was filled with a lot of good times and that he was very lucky this past year.

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