Monday, December 14, 2009

Lee Byung-heon speaks out

After the story broke about an ex-girlfriend of Lee Byung-heon accusing the star of tricking her into a sexual relationship (which Lee’s side refuted as an attempt at blackmail and extortion), Lee has now responded personally. He posted his feelings in a December 13 message on his homepage, and while he didn’t address any of the accusations directly, he called them “distorted truth” and encouraged his fans not to worry, as the truth will come out in the end.

The message reads:

This is Lee Byung-heon.

I don’t know what words to use to greet you.

It’s been a while since I last wrote. I should be writing about good news…

The company and my lawyers held me back, but I am writing because many of you are worried.

The story that has been released to the world has been distorted, and I’m not sure what stories will come out in the future, but the truth will come out in full, through the legal process.

But more importantly, what should have been left as precious, beautiful memories has been twisted and dispersed to the world. My heart is pained that the circumstances between two people who were once so dear to each other has turned into this.

Throughout my career, at times there have been instances when I could not explain a situation, and at times I have believed that keeping quiet about outright lies or stories that have been twisted was the wise choice, and that will largely continue to be how I live my life in the future. I believe that the truth that I have faith in can be felt through the heart, not through words.

Through this latest incident, I have unintentionally caused you all to worry. However, my drama has not yet finished, and it’s my duty to not cause trouble for the people working with me, so I will do my best through the end.

I am trying to not let this affect me.

I hope you will not let this affect you.

Please be strong.

I am here in my place as always, unshaken. Thank you.

Lee’s ex-girlfriend, a Ms. Kwon, had filed a civil lawsuit on December 8 with the Seoul Central District Court, asking for reparation for damages inflicted. On December 10, it was further revealed that she had accused Lee of illegal gambling.

Lee’s management responded by revealing that Lee had been the target of blackmail calls and declared their intent to countersue for defamation of character.

On December 13, Ms. Kwon’s side released photos of her with Lee Byung-heon and at his home to show that she had truly lived with him. (Pictures above and below.) Kwon stated that her reason for releasing the photographs is because of the reproach that has been directed her way after filing her suit, and she wanted to prove that she was telling the truth about her story and how she had lived with him.

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