Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lee Byung Hun Responds To Ex-Girlfriend’s Accusations

Lee Byung Hun
On December 8, Lee Byung Hun caused a stir in Korea when ex-girlfriend Kwon Mi Yeon accused the IRIS & G.I. Joe star of causing physical and mental suffering during their allegedly tumultuous relationship. The actor has finally come out with a press release addressing the matter. Although he admitted that he had indeed shared a relationship with Kwon, Lee denied her accusations and promised to defend himself against this lawsuit.

"I have never done anything I should be ashamed of as a public figure," Lee said firmly. "I will fight these vicious accusations through the law."

And that's not all - on the 9th, Lee expressed that a few anonymous men had contacted him earlier in 2009, blackmailing him and threatening to reveal his relationship unless he gave them 2 billion won (1.7 million USD). BH Entertainment also revealed that Lee has asked prosecutors to look into Kwon's false (?) accusations, possibly for slander and a maybe even a countersuit.

Although the idea of legally seeking monetary compensation for "physical and mental suffering" may seem ludicrous at first, it's actually a common motive behind many lawsuits and torts. As this scandal unfolds, I guess we'll just have to see whether Lee's actions really did cross the line and seriously harm Kwon Mi Yeon... stay tuned for more on this dispute!

credit : lawlietta @ allkpop + as labeled

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