Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kim Hyun Joong revisits Egg Tart Store from Boys Over Flowers, SS501 in Hong Kong

Kim Hyun Joong

If you you watched the hit drama Boys Over Flowers before, you would know that Kim Hyun Joong and the Boys Over Flowers gang had a brief stint in Macau, the home of billion dollar casinos, gambling, and entertainment. In one of the episodes Kim Hyun Joong and Goo Hye Sun briefly visited a Egg Tart Store.

It seems Kim Hyun Joong is fond of the egg tarts. SS501 recently held a concert in Hong Kong on December 12th and after the concert Kim Hyun Joong spent some time in Macau and at the very same Egg Tart Store that was featured in the show. He was recently spotted there with his family eating:

cr: shirbogurl3

His father is reportedly the one in glasses holding the water bottle. It's pretty cool that Kim Hyun Joong went back to this same eatery in his free time, the same place where he actually filmed scenes for. The fans weren't too bothersome it seems as well.

I also wonder if the guys visited their "Hong Kong" friends while they were there. Thanks to me933830 and ffb09 for the tip.

Some photos from the concert:

Yahoo Asia Buzz awards which also took place in Hong Kong where Kim Hyun Joong won 3 awards and SS501 won the Yahoo Internet Search Popularity Award:


credit : ghostwriter @ allkpop + shirbogurl3 @ youtube + as labeled

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