Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jaebum Keeps Dancing

Korean fans are keeping up with Jaebum, as he continues to break dance in the Art of Movement crew in Seattle, Washington. Videos of the former 2PM member are popping up here and there as Jaebum continues to be active in b-boying.

Jaebum’s team took first place at the Winter Nights battle in Seattle. The Art of Movement crew members are even wearing the shirts made by Korean fans.

In Korea, fans are happy to see the former 2PM leader happy and also dancing so well. Some have commented, ” He looks really happy when he’s dancing,” and “It must be hard being alone in the US, but it seems like he’s doing well.”

Check out the battle video below! Jaebum is in the black beanie and black shirt. Jaebum is seen jumping in the beginning of the video and dancing around the 1:33 mark.

What do you think of Jaebum’s new life and new crew?

credit : PopSeoul + as labeled

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