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Lee Byung-hun’s accuser speaks

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Lee Byung-hun’s estranged ex-girlfriend, Kwon Mi-yeon (22) was interviewed by Korean online news site, Newsis where she revealed her side of the relationship with the actor.

When did you first meet Lee Byung-hun?

Last year in September. Lee Byung-hun was in Canada to promote the film, “The Good, the Bad and The Weird”…from the first moment, he showed strong interest…even when he flew to New York after leaving Toronto, he kept contacting me. And after New York, he came back to Canada. He said it was to see me. At the time, I thought he really liked me.

What did you like about him?

When Lee Byung-hun wanted to come back to Canada from the U.S., I told him that if he wanted to just have fun for a night, then he should fly straight to Korea. However, he told me that I was special….and because of that, he wanted to see me again. Afterwards, he introduced to his friends, and even invited me to his house…I believed him. He kept his word. If he said he would call at a certain time, he would.

So Lee Byung-hun invited you to visit Korea and you came?

Last year in October, he send the plane fare to my mother’s account and told me to visit him in Korea. So in November, I visited Korea. For 10 days I stayed with Lee Byung-hun at his home in Bundang. He introduced me to his family and friends as his girlfriend. I hung out with his mother and sister…and went out drinking and traveling with his friends. That year at the end of December to January 2009, we spent the holidays in Las Vegas at M hotel. Also, he invited me to go to Las Vegas with him again in April.

So why did you leave everything behind to live in Korea?

Lee Byung-hun introduced me to his friends and family and acted as if we were going to get married. His Japanese sponsor, Mr A told me that if I live in Korea, I can go to university there. Lee Byung-hun told me to move to Korea and that he promised that he will take care of everything. I moved to Korea with the blessing of my mother.

What about the demand for 2 billion won?

Who started the demands, I don’t know. But everything is being processed through the courts. I have the evidence.

How was life after moving to Korea?

I moved last July. At first, I lived in a 24 pyung apartment in Jamsil with a 1 year lease. However, Mr A told me that he can no longer help. And in September, I was kicked out of the apartment. And Lee Byung-hun started to act strange when I moved to Korea. After I moved out of the apartment, LBH got me a place for 10 million deposit at 700,000 won rent a month in Bongcheon-dong. Afterwards, I didn’t hear from him. I called him and he wouldn’t answer. Now, I am staying with a friend. The place in Bongcheon-dong is too scary so I moved out.

Relationship between men and woman can break up…

Sure. However, the breakup was different. We did not break up, he threw me away. And without reason. I cannot speak Korean that well and the culture is different. And to think that I was just a sex partner makes me feel angry.

Lee Byung-hun is being sued by Kwon for 100 million won for defamation.

credit : popseoul + as labeled

MizzJ ~ there so much comment/feedback with these scandal recently, and i wont make it uglier either. As for me, when it's come to relationship between a man and a woman..there is a things you should and u shouldn't do...Well, being dump and dumping someone..its happen to everyone! But when it happen to a public figure??Being sue??Im not judging anyone here, but hopefully both parties will be clean up the mess. Since it involve the media..i think it will take a lil bit time.

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