Thursday, December 31, 2009

G-Dragon cries over his haircut

G-Dragon of Big Bang performed at the SBS Daejun Gayo Award Ceremony on the 29th and showed up with a new bowl-cut hairstyle. His “Heartbreaker” stage has been garnering interest because he had tears streaming down his face while performing. Netizens have been speculating that he was crying due to the fog machine, or because of his controversial debut album, which was met with plagiarism accusations, but I think he is just upset about looking like that guy from the Three Stooges. Maybe the fashionista requested his hair to look ‘edgy’ but ended up looking like his mom cut his hair with a literal bowl. He shaped things up later with “The Leaders”, in which he gelled up his hair into a slick Mohawk.

g dragon checkered

Same jacket, such different results.

G Dragon hair good

g dragon

G-Dragon performing Heartbreaker at SBS Daejun Gayo

credit : Michelle @ seoulbeats + as labeled

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