Saturday, December 12, 2009

Crazy Fan Spill Blood For Attention


What’s up with crazy pop fans?

Desperate for attention, fans have gone to extremes to show their love for their idol stars. Case in point. A fan of MBLAQ member, Lee Joon (real name Lee Chang-seon) slit her wrist to write a note with her own blood that reads,

“Lee Chang-seon, don’t forget me. I have only you. I love you.”

The photos were posted up on the girl’s Cyworld homepage.


In late November, a fan of 2PM member Taecyeon wrote a note her menstrual blood to her idol saying:

“Ok Taecyeon, you cannot live without me”

The blood note was posted on a community site where netizens attacked the girl by questioning whether she was a real fan and whether she used red paint instead.


What is going on? Do these girls really thing that their idols care about them? That they will rush to their side and acknowledge their existence?

Such fans need to get a reality check.

credit : PopSeoul + as labeled

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