Thursday, December 17, 2009

“I broke up with her because…”


Honestly, ever since this story broke (and it’s several subsequent updates) my attitude has firmly-quite surprisingly-been nothing short of ho-hum indifferent. That is until now.


If there’s one thing that alcohol is good for is that it gets the truth juices to flow like the Niagara Falls from your brain and out your mouth. And this is exactly what happened to KPop’s current resident heartbreaker, Lee Byung Hun, this past October, fresh from his break-up with 22 years old Canadian student, Kwon Mi Yeon.

Lee attended a fashion show/charity event 2 months ago where he wined n’ dined (emphasis on the wined) with fellow attendees, and he apparently spilled the beans about his tragic love affair: “I truly loved her. The separation has hurt me greatly. I’ve been having a rough time.” He also shared the fact that he had dated only one other woman after the alleged break-up with Kwon.

Then it got, er, interesting. Lee explained that he, once and for all, broke things off with Kwon because he basically wasn’t good enough for her: “her spirit/energy (ki) was so strong, and I felt that I would be insufficient enough to handle it.”


Okay, that just totally sounded ridiculously hokey and cliched, but you know what, I’m gonna’ go out on a retarded limb and say that I truly believe the poor guy. This girl has definitely publicly demonstrated that she is capable of showing some major, balls-in-your-face chutzpah, and we’re all a little scared. Yes, he could’ve handled the break-up better, and she needs to buck up and move on with her life like a big girl, but there’s no good guy, bad guy here, just two more intertwined lost and battered souls. Sigh.

credit : madhatter @ SeoulBeats + as labeled

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