Thursday, December 24, 2009

Eun Ji Won gets outed

On the latest edition of Strong Heart singer/rapper Eun Ji Won gets outed’ by actress Heo Yi Jae and gag woman Shin Bong Sun. Heo Yi Jae who knows Ji Won well since they were once MCs together on a swhow, told MCs Kang Hodong and Lee Seung Gi, who also happen to be his cast mates on 1N2D, that Ji Won had lamented before of joining 1N2D, because “if it weren’t for 1N2D he could’ve been on Family Outing.” Family Outing just happens to be 1N2D’s biggest competitor on Sunday night, and its MC, Yoo Jae Suk is Hodong’s biggest competition as Korea’s top MC/comedian.

The looks on the faces of Hodong and Ji won are CLASSIC. Eun Ji Won tries to plead his case, but Yi Jae continues by saying that he had told her that Family Outing was better because there were females in the cast and they have nets for bugs? Bong Sun added fuel to the fire by adding that Ji WOn really likes Jae Suk and when he was on Happy Together he made a comment like ‘Hodong hyung should learn this (from Jae Suk).’ Ji Won is a dead man walking…

Eun Ji Won tries to clear up the situation by saying he never said that he WANTED to be on the show, he just wondered how it was different from 1N2D. Leeteuk offered to be Ji Won’s replacement on the next filming of 1N2D. You can check out the whole episode below (sorry no subs). You gotta watch Teuk Academy- you’ll die laughing, everyone does the Ga In nowadays… They also show a teaser for the next episode which will feature Daesung and Taeyang of Big Bang.

credit : hijinx @ SeoulBeats + as labeled

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