Thursday, December 17, 2009

K.Will’s great performances at the Melon Music Awards!

K.Will's great performances at the Melon Music Awards!

K.Will was nominated for the Melon Music Award's 2009 Top 10 and put on a killer performance to boot. He did what he does best: screaming and hitting high pitches like a maniac burning in fire yelling for his life (without all the kicking and rolling of course).

K.Will sang his classic, and my personal favorite, 'Miss Miss and Miss' for his fans. Although he did struggle a bit trying to get to the mad high pitches of the song's climax, he did a beautiful job overall. Every time I see this talented artist's performances, I can't help but marvel at how crazy he is at singing. This performance was totally breathtaking. You can't help but to drop tears for this performance. You'll get what I mean when you watch the video.

After his tear dropping performance, K.Will surprised his fans by singing and dancing Chris Brown's With You. He did a marvelous job singing it, and throwing in a couple of dance moves while doing so. His English was quite good too, which was a pleasant surprise. He also had interactions with both Kara and Girls' Generation / SNSD.

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* Love K-will..^_^..he's amazing singer!^_*

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