Thursday, December 31, 2009

Drinking and Dancing Fools?

Maybe not. But, what do you get when you put two of the prettiest Kpopstars- the “My Fair Lady” actress and super sesshi Yoon Eun Hye and 2PM’s least beastly but still oh-so-cute Nichkhun- in the same Cass Beer CF?

From the early stills that have been released, it looks like there is a bit of smoldering chemistry between the two and some sexy moves… as well as some bad wardrobe choices (stylists-pleeeeeeeease stop putting Khunnie in glittery/lacy outfits!!). Poor clothing choices aside, I think Hottests/Khunnie fans are going to be in for a little heartbreak as one of Korea’s sexiest actresses/models shares the scene with their cutie-Thai.

nichkhun_yoon eun hye2_12292009_seoulbeats

nichkhun_yoon eun hye_12292009_seoulbeats

nichkhun_yoon eun hye3_12292009_seoulbeats

credit : soy-saucy @ seroulbeats + as labeled

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