Friday, December 4, 2009

Kang Ho Dong Is In Love With Lee Seung Gi?

Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi

All I can say is, deja vu much?

On various internet portal sites, 'Kang Ho Dong's Seung Gi love' has been rising as one of the most searched terms online. Netizens' persistent investigation has not left them empty-handed either as they discovered numerous photos of the pairing online. Screenshots of Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi embracing each other, sleeping with next to each other (just to be safe from Pedobear) and feeding each other left viewers laughing and moved.

The two have developed a close friendship ever since KBS2TV '1 Night 2 Days' aired, where Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi are cast members. Now, they even host a show together, called SBS 'Strong Heart,' which has been well-received by viewers.

Netizens have commented on the blossoming relationship between the wrestling pro and the idol singer:

"Kang Ho Dong really treats Lee Seung Gi well.. They seem so close on 'Strong Heart.' It's heartwarming"
"I wish I had a hyung who could take care of me like that"
"Like papa bear and baby bear..."

Both of them are very talented in their own respective fields, but also have a knack for MC-ing and keeping people entertained. Aside from the fact that Kang Ho Dong is a married man and has a kid, I totally ship this pair. Cue the Kang Ho Dong - Lee Seung Gi fanfics!

credit : BeastMode!allkpop + as labeled

* I Love 2Days 1Night!They are hilarious! Will be watch i tOnight at KBS at 11.20p.m(Malaysia time)^_*

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