Friday, April 16, 2010

Yoon Eun-hye cameos on Personal Taste

Yoon Eun-hye will be making a special appearance in MBC’s trendy series Personal Taste, which will air next week. If you don’t want to know the details, skip the next paragraph!

[SPOILER] Yoon will play the part of Jin-ho’s (Lee Min-ho) ex-girlfriend, who happens to run into Jin-ho and Kae-in (Sohn Ye-jin) when they go to see a movie. Thus the three end up going to to watch the movie together. (Since Kae-in believes Jin-ho to be gay, this will no doubt lead to more comic misunderstandings, and as those are among my favorite scenes, I say bring it on.) Her character’s name is the same as her own, Eun-hye, although she’s not playing herself. [END OF SPOILER]

Yoon Eun-hye is a proven ratings magnet, and even her lesser dramas have garnered solid ratings thanks to her star power. It’ll be interesting to watch how her brief role will affect Personal Taste next week, which has settled in the lower teens ratings-wise. Her appearance will air in next Thursday’s (April 22) episode.

(Also: We have yet another connection between best buddies Lee Min-ho and Jung Il-woo! Yoon acted with Jung in last year’s My Fair Lady, which was also produced by the same company behind Personal Taste, Yigim Productions.)

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