Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kim Ji-suk plans for his upcoming enlistment

Kim Ji-suk’s up for his military duty, and has announced that he will begin his service in June, according to a statement made by his management on 21st. His current drama, MBC’s Personal Taste, will be his last project before enlistment.

His management clarified that the speculation that his enlistment would come on May 26, however, is false. At his recent fanmeeting, Kim’s Chuno co-star Oh Ji-ho had joked, “I hear you’re going on May 26.” However, in actuality Kim has not yet fixed a date.

As is the case with so many actors, Kim’s enlistment comes just as his career is starting to heat up. He had a role in the popular 2007 series Likable or Not, had a box office mega-success with the sports comedy Take Off, then built on that popularity as Wang Son in the recent Chuno. In Personal Taste, he plays a spineless cad with enough humor to make him an enjoyable-to-hate sort of character. The drama airs its finale on May 20.

credit : javabeans

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