Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Goo HyeSun’s 1st full length movie “Magic” is set to launch this coming April 22,2010!

All around entertainer Goo HyeSun is ready to disclose her first-ever full length movie titled “‘요술” / “Magic” to the public.

As we all know, that Goo HyeSun is recently busy directing her movie “Magic” and now the movie is at its final production and counting down the days until its launching. “Magic” is about a young musician’s life, music, friendship and also love. Furthermore, the movie casts are Goo HyeSun herself, Kim JongWook and Seo HyunJin.

This is much-anticipated by people as she is NOT only directing, but also takes part as the producer, song composer, and actress for the movie.

Meanwhile, movie “Magic” is ready to greet the wide-screen viewers this coming April 22,2010!

And, here’s Goo HyeSun recent photos !

credit : imuyachan@kbites+as labeled

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