Monday, April 5, 2010

WonderGirls to release new album on 16th May; 2PM and 2AM as opening guests for American concert tour

WonderGirls will release their new album in May simultaneously in various cities in the world.

Coming 16th May, the girls will be releasing their new album. The album will consists of the English, Korean and Mandarin versions of the new title song as well as hits like ‘Nobody’, ‘So Hot’, ‘Tell Me’ in English version, and remixes like ‘Nobody Rainstone’ and ‘Nobody Jason Remix’.

And there are plans for the title as well as the MV will be released 3 languages – Korean, English and Mandarin. This will be a first for an artiste to release their song and MV in 3 languages.

And on 15th May at 6pm in the States, the girls will also be doing an album launching event. The event will be broadcasted live on video service site USteam, and the host to the event will be famous blogger Perez Hilton.

THe MV to the title song will be revealed at the event, there will also be live web chatting with fans as well as live performances of the title song and songs like ‘Tell Me’ and ‘So Hot’.

2AM and 2PM to open for WonderGirls’ American concert

2AM and 2PM will be doing the opening act for the WonderGirls’ independent concert in the States in June.

The girls’ 1st concert tour ‘Wonder World Tour’ which will start from 4th June over 20 concert performances, will have groupx 2AM and 2PM as its opening guest.

credit : sookyeong@kbites+as labeled

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