Monday, April 5, 2010

Photo Of The Day: Eun Hyuk’s birthday bash and Luna’s birthday card

Photos of Super Junior member EunHyuk’s birthday party thrown by the other Super Junior members have caught the attention of many netizens and fans.

Member ShinDong uploaded a photo on his Twitter account on 4th April saying “We had a birthday party for EunHyuk during our practise time”. In the photo, EunHyuk was seen with cake smeared all over his face and the other Super Junior members posing brightly with him.

What has also caught the attention of many is the presence of f(x) Luna at the party. ShinDong wrote on his Twitter, “Luna bought the cake. The kind Luna after all!” and uploaded a photo of a birthday card written by Luna to EunHyuk.

On the card was a simple message ‘Eun Hyuk oppa, happy birthday” and ShinDong commented jokingly “So you must be in a rush, Luna”.

Meanwhile, Super Junior is working on their comeback album to be released in the early half of this year.

credit :sookyeong@kbites+as labeled

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