Thursday, April 1, 2010

Character posters released for Bad Guy

Following several sets of stills and a preview video, character posters have been released for SBS’s Bad Guy. They feature (from left to right, above) 21-year-old newcomer Jung So-min, Kim Jae-wook (Antique Bakery), Han Ga-in in her return to television three years after Witch Amusement, titular “bad guy” Kim Nam-gil, and Oh Yeon-soo (Queen Returns).

The stills were shot on March 15 in a studio in Seoul’s Nohyundong. Lead star Kim Nam-gil may look intense in the photos, but he apparently turned into a jokester as soon as he finished shooting and livened up the set for the staff. Alas, it looks like that ’stache is here to stay. (I didn’t mind so much in previous photos when the character looked a little rough and ragged, but with a suit — with the open collar! — the mustache makes him look kinda sleazy.)

The drama has filmed in Japan and most recently headed to Jeju Island, where it is currently still shooting. It’ll premiere in May.

credit : javabeans+as labeled


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