Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hong Sisters’ Gumiho drama set for August premiere

After writing such beloved, zesty dramas as You’re Beautiful and Hong Gil Dong, the Hong sisters are coming back with a fantasy drama called My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho (a mythical nine-tailed fox), which has nabbed a slot in SBS’s upcoming schedule. It’ll take up the Wednesday-Thursday timeslot following the upcoming Kim Sun-ah ajumma-rock-band vehicle I Am Legend (which follows Prosecutor Princess).

The story features Lee Seung-gi as a somewhat wimpy dude who falls in love with a gumiho, which is a classic character in Korean folklore who looks human but eats organs to stay alive. He therefore lives in fear that she will steal his liver, unable to share his worries with his friends who all think he’s the luckiest guy alive to have such a gorgeous girlfriend. The female lead has not yet been selected, and producers are in the later stages of casting her.

This drama had been announced rather early in the process; initial news trickled out almost immediately after they’d finished You’re Beautiful last fall and the details were confirmed in the spring when they cast Lee Seung-gi as their lead. Unlike their other dramas, this one will be largely produced in advance. (Most of their other dramas have filmed at the frenetic pace that accompanies the live-shoot practice, which results in shows being filmed the week they air on television. Hong Gil Dong, as a larger-scale period drama, did begin filming months in advance, but toward the end they were still shooting as the drama aired.)

I’m very curious to see if advance production will affect the drama for the better — and whether this will allow the writers time to smooth out the angsty wrinkles that so often appear in their last few episodes. Regardless, the Hong sisters have a great track record and wonderful comic flair, so I’ll be watching for sure.

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