Sunday, April 11, 2010

MBC Music Core 10.04.2010 – Rain comeback stage with ‘Love Song’ and ‘Hip Song’

Today on MBC Music Core, we see the comeback stage of Rain performing 2 songs ‘Love Song and Hip Song’ off his new special album ‘Back To the Basic’. We can clearly see that the fangirls are enjoying the performance.

Also go under the cut for other performance cuts for the show today.

Comeback stage

  • Rain with 『Hip Song + Love Song』

  • After School with 『Let’s Do It + BANG!』

Hot stage

  • SNSD with 『Run Devil Run』

  • BEAST with 『Shock』

  • T-ARA with 『I Go Crazy Because of You』

  • KARA with 『Lupin』

  • 2AM with 『I Was Wrong』

New Song

  • Secret with 『Magic』

  • ZE:A with 『All Day Long』
  • Yoo Seung Chan with 『Chemistry』

Volume Up stage

  • K.Will (feat.BEAST JoonHyung) with 『Present』
  • Epik High with 『Run』
  • One Way with 『Magic』


  • Defcon(feat.Gu Ji Sung) with 『How To Leave The Rapper』
  • Ahn Jin Kyung with 『Bad Person』

Let’s Trot

  • Tae Jin Ah(feat.Maya) with 『Love More Than Money』
  • Wink with 『Fantastic』
  • Lee Na Young with 『1초 만에』
credit :sookyeong@kbites+as labeled

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