Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lee Dong-wook makes his directorial debut

Lee Dong-wook is currently serving in the military, but it turns out he has another work to unveil. Before he enlisted, he had made his directorial debut with a music video for new singer Zozo; the video for the song, called “Dandelion,” has now been released. (Watch below.) In addition to Zozo’s rapping, the song features Park Ji-heon of V.O.S.

Lee directed the music video for free and was brought to the project via his longtime friend, singer KCM. He also acts in the MV as a high school student. Prior to this, his last acting project before his August enlistment was last summer’s drama series Partner and the film Bean Paste, which is planning to release sometime this year.

Huh… Lee Dong-wook, directing. Who’d've thought?

credit:javabeans+as labeled

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