Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kim Sun-ah returns to television in I Am Legend

A year after her last drama, the successful SBS series City Hall, Kim Sun-ah is returning in a new drama, I Am Legend [나는 전설이다]. The title is a pun on her character’s name, which is the word for “legend” (kdramas really love name-title puns, don’t they?).

In I Am Legend, Kim Sun-ah plays the wife of the youngest partner at Korea’s top law firm and the daughter-in-law to a distinguished judge. In her high school days she ruled her neighborhood, but in order to support her younger sister she began working at a law firm as a clerk, where she lured a promising young lawyer and married him. However, after being looked down upon and treated poorly by her husband’s family, she takes on her well-to-do in-laws and files for divorce. Afterward, she embarks on a new life by rediscovering her talent in music; she’d once been a “legendary” singer of a rock band in high school, and now sets out to form a new group.

Kim Sun-ah as a rock star? Rawr! Heck yeah, I see it.

Kim has famously played some free, open-spirited personalities (My Name Is Kim Sam-soon, City Hall), but as the daughter-in-law of a prestigious family, this character will show the actress’s own sexy and refined side, as well as her hitherto-unheard singing skills.

The series is a Wednesday-Thursday drama for SBS, directed by PD Kim Hyung-shik (Surgeon Bong Dal-hee) and written by Kim Yoon-jung (When a Man Loves, Star’s Echo). The production is currently casting her male lead, with whom she’ll have a romantic storyline after her divorce.

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  1. I'm always exciting when it's come about Kim Sun ah Ssi...
    it seems that new genre drama, n i think she would be here ;p

  2. me tOo! i watch mOst Of her drama and film..i lOve tO see her with gong yoo!^____^