Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kim So-yeon’s big transformation in Prosecutor Princess

If this photo didn’t come with a caption, I wouldn’t be able to recognize the star — namely, Kim So-yeon of SBS’s Prosecutor Princess. (Even knowing who it is, it’s still difficult to see her in the images.)

Kim’s drama character Ma Hye-ri is currently slender and fashionable, but she wasn’t always so — at one point she weighed 90 kg (nearly 200 lbs). This was back when she was still a student, and also explains why her mother makes it a habit to weigh her even now.

The scenes featuring the formerly overweight Hye-ri were filmed on April 11 at the Dongkuk University campus and required special makeup and padding, made of Gore-Tex fabric and urethane foam, as well as silicone to fill out the face. These scenes will air in this week’s episodes, which broadcast on the 14th and 15th.

credit : javabeans+as labeled

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