Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gong Yoo makes his acting comeback!

Gong Yoo was just released from military service last December, and has been enjoying a short break while looking for the follow-up to his last acting role, which was in 2007’s smash drama Coffee Prince. Now he’s announced his casting for the film Finding Kim Jong-wook, which is based on a stage musical. His co-star is his friend Im Soo-jung, with whom you may recall he was once caught up in dating rumors.

In the movie, Im Soo-jung plays a woman named Seo Ji-woo who had met her first love on a trip to India. She embarks on a search to find him, the titular Kim Jong-wook, starting off a comic series of events. In the process of looking for her first love, she falls in love instead with the man helping her on the search (Gong Yoo).

As he left the public eye at the height of his fame, Gong Yoo has been flooded with offers for dramas and films — more than 30 in total — since his return to civilian life. The musical premiered in 2006 and was a popular production, running nearly 1,200 performances.

credit : javabeans+as labeled

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