Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Taeyang successfully completes his 18+ “Solar” concert

Taeyang has successfully wrapped up his two-day ‘Solar‘ solo concert, and expressed his satisfaction at being able to show all that he prepared. The event was divided based on age restrictions: the first concert on the 25th was open to all-ages, but the second concert on the 26th was restricted to an audience 18 years and over.

On the 26th, Taeyang opened his concert with the songs “Prayer,” “I’ll Be There,” and “Sinner”. Afterwards, he addressed the screaming fans with, “Hello, this is Taeyang. Wow! The adult concert of my dreams!

He continued, “Yesterday, there were a lot of restrictions in what I could portray with my lyrics. Since everyone here today is an adult, I’ll be able to express my lyrics properly with a bit more freedom. I’m really glad.”

Critics were highly satisfied with Taeyang’s 18+ concert, as they all agreed that the material wasn’t too sexually suggestive, nor too tame. Critics and the audience alike were all impressed with the level of detail and perfection behind each performance, claiming that it was all fitting and appropriate for a maturing male idol.

Taeyang concluded the concert by saying, “This will be the last stage. I’ll be seeing everyone for my first official album, but please continue to anticipate me as I have more to show in the future. I think that standing on stage and performing music is fate. I’ll be completing this concert and returning to Big Bang in order to show everyone more sides of us.

Source + Photos: MyDaily

credit : hypermaniac@allkpop+as labeled

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