Tuesday, September 28, 2010

G-Dragon reveals the real reason behind Big Bang’s album delay

Since November of 2008, Big Bang has taken an extremely long hiatus from the Korean music market. Although the boys have created digital releases for CFs and contributed in drama OSTs, fans have been patiently waiting for a solid official release. Yet the longer the hiatus stretches, the more anxious fans have become. The situation has degenerated to the point where there are whispers of deteriorating relationships amongst the members, or that the members enjoy acting more than music.

Big Bang appeared at Taeyang’s ‘Solar’ concert on September 26th to show their support for their fellow member. As the concert came to a close, leader G-Dragon met with reporters and revealed the current progress of their next album.

G-Dragon stated, “We’ve completed the song productions but we’ve yet to decide what kind of concept to go with. There were a lot of songs we made over the past two years, but that also means there are a lot to choose from. It wasn’t easy choosing songs that fit Big Bang and would also satisfy our fans.

One of the main concerns for the group was the changed music tastes of the mass public and the fast cycling of the music market. G-Dragon solemnly continued, “I have no confidence in the market anymore. These days, singers finish their promotion cycles in three weeks, and everything changes again. The thought of preparing for two years and only receiving three weeks of love is upsetting.

G-Dragon brings up an interesting phenomenon that has been occurring lately. Songs are ever-changing and receive the “old” treatment once three weeks go by. New songs are always pouring into the market and singers are constantly releasing new songs in order to keep up.

G-Dragon concluded, “I want to sing songs that receive love over longer periods of time. We’ll be working our hardest to make sure that a new Big Bang album is released by the end of this year.”

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