Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ratings creep upward for Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Well, with extensions confirmed for both Giant and Dong Yi, I think the best Sungkyunkwan Scandal can hope for is a strong third place showing in the Monday-Tuesday ratings race. And while the gains made this week are fairly small, at least they are encouraging: Week 2 brought in a 7.3% and 7.5%, up from last week’s twin 6.3% ratings.

By comparison, Dong Yi drew a 25.3% for its Tuesday episode, with Giant closing in on the gap with a 24.2%. Both dramas will be ending with 60 episodes, after being granted a 10-episode extension each.

But more than the uptick in the numbers, I’m finding Sungkyunkwan‘s story to be as refreshing and entertaining as I thought it last week. The series weaves bigger social, cultural, and political issues into what could be a frivolous trendy-drama story, adding some interesting depth to the plot. It doesn’t hurt that Yoo Ah-in takes a bigger role this week — he’d been the least featured last week but the most charismatic (in my opinion) of the four; the first two episodes focused more on series leads Park Min-young and Park Yoo-chun (aka Micky Yoochun), as well as the exceedingly engaging Song Joong-ki.

credit : javabeans

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