Friday, September 24, 2010

Big Bang and Yunho’s “Haru” revealed

A few weeks ago its already Big Bang and many of Korea’s top stars, including U-Know Yunho, Kim Bum, Han Chae Young, Park Si Hoo, and Lee Da Hae would participate in an omnibus style drama titled “Haru (One Day) An Unforgettable Day in Korea”. It was commissioned by Korean Tourist Service Inc. to bring awareness to the beauty of Korean culture, and also to celebrate Korea’s anniversary.

A teaser was released on September 10th which got a lot of people excited. As Chuseok ends in Korea, the long awaited drama has been released online at

Unfortunately, due to many people wanting to watch this drama the video is loading very slow for me, maybe you’ll have better luck. They’re also offering some type of game with a tag search within the videos and prizes for Samsung products by completing a survey, check it out at

credit:ghostwriter@allkpop+as labeled

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