Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sungkyunkwan Scandal NG cuts + cast interview

The interview asks each cast member to name their favorite/most significant scene so far, and I was pleased to see that the ones they picked were some of my favorite scenes also.

Let me just give you fair warning, Team Moony especially, that our stars have shed their intense personas and there’s a lot of smile-age to be had!! So, fangirls, ready yourselves for the adorable, funny, and quirky Joseon-F4!! I’m loving their on-screen/off-screen chemistry!! Kind of reminds me of the cast of ‘You’re Beautiful’ and their off-screen friendship. (Oh, Micky you dork… this is the Micky I love and adore! Ha! And I love that I’ve finally found the smiling Yoo Ah-In I’m used to.)


Credit : cassie.opeia@DB

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